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DanceSport Australia

DanceSport Australia (DSA) is the governing body responsible for the rules and regulations around competition dancing, adjudication and coaching within the DanceSport sylabus. DSA is the National Member of the International DanceSport Federation (IDSF).

DanceSport SA

DanceSport SA (DSA SA) is the State branch of the DSA and the peak governing body for all DanceSport activities in SA metropolitan and regional.


World DanceSport Federation (WDSF)

WDSF received full recognition in 1997 from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and is a Member of the following International Federations:

GAISF - General Association of International Sports Federation

IWGA - International World Games Association

ARISF - Association of the IOC Recognised Sports Federations

IDSF today has 84 National Member Federations on five continents.60 of these Federations are recognised by their National Olympic Committees, and IDSF's only Continental Federation, the Asian DanceSport Federation, has received provisional recognition from the Olympic Council of Asia, and participated as a demonstration sport in the 1998 Asian Games in Bangkok. 


DanceSport TV Portal

Dancesport Portal is a great collection of dancing video footage on youtube. Great stuff!

DancesportInfo is a great resource for anyone interested in the global dancing scene. has a large database of competition results and couple profiles as well as the latest gossip and news.



If you are looking for competition photos from events all around the world, has enough photos to keep you entertained for days.  


Australian Dancing Society

The ADS is one of Australia's leading dancing societies and host of the prestiguous Australian DanceSport Championship where the Australian representative couples for the World Championships are selected.


Federal Association of Teachers of Dancing Australia

The FATD is the longest established dance teacher association in the Southern Hemisphere, having been established in Sydney in 1931 under the name of "The New South Wales Dancers Society" this name was changed to the more widely embracing Federal Association of Teachers of Dancing Australia in 1936, and further amended in 1937 with the addition of the words "and New Zealand."


Dancing Association of SA

The Dancing Association of South Australia was formed in 1957 and is South Australia's main dancing association/society.



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